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charlie gold perfume review

I am gonna buy some more ! So i called her and she said she had it when I was a wee baby. 20.3.2018. Review for 100ml Spray version Er aldeles i Top. 70 ($2.87/Fl Oz) $23.40 $23.40. OOHH WOW..People tell me I smell so good and ask me what am I wearing?? Designer:Revlon. TRANSCRIPT: Hey everyone, Nicole here, and today I'll be reviewing Charlie Gold by Revlon. "It reminds me of Tresor, it`s probably a very expensive air-freshener! But if you're planning to buy it, please test it before the purchase. Yesterday morning, as I stepped out of the elevator and into the lobby in our office building, I thought "Wow it smells great in here! Think of something like Chloe Narcisse, but sourer and less appealing. I blind bought this in summer, and I hated it. Instead, it’s a lovely mixture of floral, fruity, sweet (but not cloying) and spicy. | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | Enjoy! Who woulda thunk it. Another of my Summer blind buys. CHARLIE GOLD was another of those very inexpensive blind buys on impulse and I’m pleased to report that is has worked out nicely. Don't buy it. It changes so much; this one has a LOT of character. There are not that many flowers in this perfume. I own many fragrances and yet this is definitely one of my favorite! It starts slightly synthetic, but in seconds it is smooth and produces a soothing sweetness. Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. And great. This is better on colder seasons I guess. Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women, 3.38 Fl. I did make sure to spay this on my stomach area since I was wearing to work... and I got beautiful whiffs of the scent all day. Maybe it isn't very original, but i like this sweet, floral, classy smell! But I'm thinking more like something you might pick up at a bazaar in some small lane in south central Asia, as I can smell attar / incense. I practically rub my nose on my wrist and then I can smell it some more but not for very long either. See 11 member reviews and photos. The initial spray is a blast of alcohol and floral freshness with that sweet plasticky note that just makes my stomach turn.. this unfortunately lasts until the middle phase which is about 3 hours on me. I'm almost waiting for the temperature to drop till like -15 Celsius so I could feel the perfume's full potential. It's a note I've encountered in several cheap dupe versions of real perfumes. I can't distinguish the flowery notes yet, on me it's a fruity gourmand fragrance. Charlie Red (Eau de Toilette) ist ein Parfum von Revlon / Charles Revson für Damen und erschien im Jahr 1993. If I didn't already have Chloe and Tresor this would be a definite buy. The cinnamon it's not too much. Moreover it has the prettiest cinnamon and caramel combination. The joys of a blindbuy! Thankfully, it’s not overpowering and blends well with the other notes. 14 product ratings 14 product ratings - Charlie Gold Perfume By Revlon Eau De Toilette Spray FOR WOMEN. I had Charlie Gold in my closet for over 2 years, received it on a very hot day and hated it. I got 2 bottles and planning to get even another one sometime soon as I don't know if they will carry on sell where I live. This, to my surprise is a dryer fruity floriental. The Cinnamon stands out in this fragrance for me. In the manner of Tresor ! I would love to wear Vintage Feminite du bois or Paloma Tentations every day but since they are discontinued and cost a fortune being so rare I can put them aside for special occasions and wear this delightful $10 bargain scent everyday. Long lasting (over 7 hours on my skin) with moderate sillage, this is a treat and an exclusive one. Charlie Gold Perfume for Her - 3 results. Some say that this smells similar to Tresor bunch I dontmdetect Tresor notes, then again I may have to carry this with me to the department store the next time I go to seemifmthe scents do someone mimic. (Eau Fraiche). Check out Revlon Charlie Gold Edt Perfume 100 Ml reviews, ratings, specifications and more at I really love the scent off the Charlie gold to me it's a better version of the original. This is my favorite of all of the Charlies.I know it could be easy to dismiss as a drugstore fragrance,but don't let the ugly bottle and cheap price fool you. It will last more on the clothes but i am not sure if i will dare to wear it. Pure 90's style, an opulent perfume with a respectable olfactory pyramid. This isn't bad at all ! $13.00. Having struck out on Charlie Blue (too harsh) and Red (too ho-hum), I had low hopes for Gold. Instead I barely Smell them at all. It was my first real perfume and made me feel so mature while i was a teen.I dont realy remember the notes but know the opening was pretty sharp just for seconds.Then it was so classy and chic IMO.I got the first bottle as a gift from my sister and bought another two myself,used to wear it every where and enjoyed every drop of it.I am not sure if i wanna have it now since its been over ten years and there are so many better fragrances,hoewer reminds my of happy times. Register. Just when you're ready to scrub it off and write off your cheap investment (for me it was $6), something interesting happens: it morphs into a lickable candied gourmand. It's not ugly it's just simple. This is also slightly powdery with some noticeable cedar and violets! The mild orange was not what i was expecting when I read oriental floral fragrance. Lis Nielsen. I won't be repurchasing but am still happy that I got to experience this for myself. $9.95AUD for 100ml. Original Charlie will ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE THOUGH. If i spray it at the morning, i'll still notice the warm caramel/vanilla at the evening. I cannot detect any caramel or cinnamon while my skin seems to favour the rose heavily. It's a very warm ambery smell. I've tried to wear it also in the summer, but it's so much better for the cold weather and for me almost all the spicy fragrances with cinnamon as their dominant note are more wearable in winter. Charlie Gold was first introduced in 1995 and has been a very popular scent ever since. I'm looking at the notes and I don't know what it is about this, but when I smell it all I can think of is the smell of vintage makeup. Wow! REVLON Charlie Gold: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Cheap & cheerful, but very good for the price- on me is is quite rosy,I mainly get spicy,ambery floral notes with a hint of apricot fruits. Charlie Gold starts out quite old-school, like a typical peachy 90s floral. Especially since the shop I got it from it allways has cheaper prices then rrp prices. I blind-swapped for this one, feeling confident in the notes and reviews that I would love it; but I find that I must be anosmic to most of it's elements! The 100ml bottle cost me less than 7 Euro... :))))))))))), Today I randomly tested this on my sweater. One spray is enough and even that could be a bit overwhelming for awhile - especially if the weather is warm. The smell lasts quite long for me. The carnation, cinnamon, sandalwood and cloves and plum notes make this similar in alot of ways to these scents. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase. on my skin it smells like a very luscious bubblegum. Beacause they're cheap. When I tell them they got surprised as is not a perfume and is very cheap! On me it smells very spicy and a strange combination of a sweet caramel and something floral. I also highly rate charlie Blue as an affordable luxury scent. A nostalgic scent which gives a pleasant, warm feeling. It smells good. This is such an underrated beauty. ", I reckoned. This to me is like Diamonds and Rubies-VERY VERY Spicy rather than Tresor-smells nothing like it to me. I prefer this one to The Body Shop or Victoria's Secret gourmands. I am sure that an author of this fume had a great idea and formula in mind, the problem here is that it was produced within a low budget therefore components and technology are cheap. Fragrance Reviews: 1021200 I was so hoping for the cloves and spice to be prominent. Great price, I'm happy I found this one. Good for everyday use, wouldn't recommend it for special occasions. The composition as a whole does remind me of Chloe Narcisse, but it's like a murkier version; like when you overmix paints and end up with a muddy colour. 3.68 The dry down has so much plum in it that its wonderful. I have a pretty giant bottle of this and I like it,its pretty nice.It smells a lot like tresor but at the fraction of the price. It became very popular among women for its spicy aroma which was subtle and not overpowering their personality. This is sugar and spice and everything nice. I have ET's Diamonds and Rubies which I love, but Gold is more vibrant and interesting with amazing depth - Rose is there but to my nose, not dominant. I'm sure I'd still love it on others, but on myself it is just waaaayyyyy too much!!! Longevity is great, more than 6 hours. This is a nice spicy unisex cologne. ... omg. Wählen Sie Ihre Cookie-Einstellungen. Unfortunately it wasn't like it. This is easily a comfort scent for the wearer, and the people who smell it on you. I am very pleased with Charlie Gold since I was able to score one for $8 including shipping. im 20 btw. Happy that I blind bought this from a seller who accepts returns. In my kindergarten in the mid nineties, we had wooden make up vanity desk with all sorts of empty perfume bottles used for playing. Who knew? The price is EXCELLENT because you don't pay for a big name and a pink cutesy bottle. Sign up for Special Offers and Promotions. I love this for me its lije tressor and calvin klein escape had a baby. This is definitely a fragrance built for the coldest weather as I can see that is where it will truly shine! Did anyone ever try the charlie sunshine and there was a charlie white musk? Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I found this bottle shoved to the very back of my perfume shelf and decided to spray some on before bed last night. can someone please tell me how this smells? The cloves, there could be some patchouli, sandalwood, some incense. It'll wear so well then. This is a cheap perfume that doesnt smell cheap at all. I love cinnamon perfumes and I'm always on the hunt for fun, inexpensive ones. It goes on thick, sweet and sensual, resolving itself into its component notes of cinnamon, sandalwood and above all caramel, as the minutes turn into hours. Surprisingly all my friends thought it was something expensive and chic, people used to stop me to ask what I was wearing. This is so yummy, it just makes me so happy smelling it! It's not going to change your world or make your life "complete", but if Revlon put this in a fancy bottle and called it something exotic, people would pay a lot more for it.. Not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with it being called "Charlie Gold", I like the fact that it has that retro look and feel to it, being a 70'S child myself! i_smell_good_all_the_time and Cisco are right. Even though I barely knew anybody now, that wears Charlie, I can identify it whenever I bump into somebody who used it. In reading reviews of Charlie Gold, I expected a smoky, sweet, caramel-heavy aroma. Charlie Gold is a truly underrated fragrance, but it's unique, warm, creamy and spicy just the way I really love it! I.m male, its early may but its hot as if it were August 10,I,m using that one...and I feel great,its sticky,yes, sweet caramel,ok,but its yummy,intoxicating but addicting and to my view, could be a 2000,s males gourmand that one, Wow, this is one good discovery! Price is very right! I bought it heavily discounted from a large pharmacy chain, encouraged by the enthusiastic reviews already posted here. These Charlie series are unbelievable!! All of the scents in the line have their own unique twist and this one is no exception. My choice for product to be reviewed today is Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume Eau De Toilette.I have purchased this product 6 months ago and started using it quite occasionally. I smelled the violet and rose, I think there was a jasmine. August 21st 2017, 5:26 pm. It smells rich and luxurious. For me Charlie Gold is a rich, spicy, and exotic fragrance. This blew me away! Can someone tell me what is the difference between Charlie gold and Gold eau fraiche?Are they very different?Thank you. I was looking forward to cloves and cinnamon, but my nose perceives mainly dusty violet with dark rose in the background, and peachy syrup slopped over the top. Just got this as a blind online buy. This is by far my favorite Charlie perfume. .... and I can't stop thinking about it. 5 starts! Oz., womens fragrance. Honestly, I didn't like it. Be the first to review this product. Just delightful. Right now I cannot afford really expensive perfumes. This Charlie Gold is very hard to find in France... i got this one and it smells like a mixture of avon imari velvet and givenchy amarige. This is a cheap treat the 100ml is 1/5th the price of the latest fads and the staying power is amazing - give it a whirl! This perfume lasts *forever*! There is no cinnamon, warm spice on me, just this smell of night care. It's sweet, but not overly so, ultra-feminine in my opinion and lingering so beautifully that many times strangers ask me what I'm wearing. Lots of cinnamon so works well in very cold weather. This feminine scent possesses a blend of green and sweet spices with sparkling aldehydes. I would never wear this in the summer. Warm, sweet, comforting, perfect for a cold winter night. This is my second review on this perfume. It was a very emotional period for me with some good but some really bad times. Started waring this regularly and I do love it alot. [not so much a review this, more an accidental discovery]. It's starting to calm down now. It is almost intolerably sweet on fabric, though better-behaved on skin; its holiday spiciness makes it fit for autumn and winter, except if you live in a cold country where you can wear it most of the year, along with your suede jacket and boots. Definitely a keeper. If they can create a great fragrance like this with this kind of price, why pay more for the name?? I gotta try this in a stronger version. I once basically inhaled the whole bottle!It is fruity and spicy, may be a little loud but I have a sentimental feeling for it.Was very surprised, when I wore Samsara to bed the other night and recognized Charlie Gold-ish undertones in it. To bad because it did seem to be quite a nice smell. I love softspicy oriental parfum's and this one is perfect. It's so warm and wonderful. Once your nose get used to this, its just beautiful. Something unexpected. The opening is a chemical blast sweet powdery almost like aldehydes. I applied some once I reached home and browsed around. I blind-bought Charlie Gold and this clearly is a pleasant suprise, a nice warm, fruity, and ambery scent. A very homely fragrance, girl next door vibe. View. Then it was so light. Just received this as a blind-buy and I'm also kind of disappointed with it. Sweet and soft skin-close scent! I sprayed some on and was pleasantly's really nice, fruity, warm and sensual. I bought a eau de toilet and an eau de frâiche. Rose potpourri. :) Despite the extremely low price, this perfume holds level and is nice. Mir gefällt er am besten. charlie gold ; great mellow scent that last all day just love it. Vintage Old Version Charlie Perfume For Women EDT Spray Cologne 3.5 oz New In Classic Box. Why is this so cheap? I sprayed it on my wrist and now I just have to test it on the clothes too, I really need to know what it does to the fabric. It has a nice sillage and it lasts a very long time on my skin. It's light and flowerly scent is non offensive for anyone, and yet it's complex and has many faces. Charlie Gold is wonderful. Searched for it for years, and ended up finding it in a cheap drugstore, of all places! A sweet caramel smell that doesn't last very long on me. It's dark but not scary. Thank you again you all ;). I have to admit that the reviews for Charlie Gold left me with mixed feelings and I couldn't make up my mind whether to blind buy or not. Then when it settles I do get the reference to Tresor as I have always loved that perfume and know the smell anywhere. I am adding this to my Winter line up. I haven't been into perfumes for long, but I was so pleasantly surprised by the wonderful frags from Revlon that I've become a bit of a fangirl, and Charlie Gold sounds like it would be right in my wheelhouse. I am curious how it would have sounded should it had been produced with better quality components. Charlie Gold Perfume by Revlon, Charlie Gold is a sweet and powdery perfume released in 1995 as part of the classic Charlie line of fragrances. Very round, soft, delicious perfume. :). Something in this turns my stomach. Perfect for winter. good for everyday and soooooo cheap! Like the fact that I smell zero caramel.. Try it I think you'll like it. Hello girls, I have recently tried a few perfumes and EDTs. It is super strong during the first hour or so, but the dry down is soft, yummy and sweet. Although I guess that's only a problem because I associate that note with cheap fakes... Another blind buy from Charlie's range. When I first smelled it I was really surprised because I expected caramel and spices. Charlie gold perfume for women was introduced in 1995.It was an instant hit and a great daytime fragrance. I have a feeling that I’ll like this the most in winter. It smells so fresh and classy. I bought this EDT clear bottle off of eBay for less than $5. I was afraid to buy this, even though I have a few other Charlie fragrances. Hanae Mori Magical Moon by CRiche. I smell mainly apricot, peach, caramel and amber. I have reviewed Charlie Red already and now I am reviewing the Gold version of the fragrance. As regards this precious drugstore classic, I used to have it and I loved it at first. It smells beautiful flowery freesia but sweet. Once more I have to put my thumbs up for this gem. Bereits ab 3,05 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Revlon Charlie Gold Eau de Toilette Damenparfum günstig kaufen bei So sweet, powdering, cinnamon, warm smell. Then finally there it comes the part I love. I wanted something softer where the rose and pwdery softness would surrond me. The price is one good reason more to love this. I'm delighted with Charlie Gold; the perfume equivalent of Jersey Caramels. Nothing close to that. I woke up this morning and I could still smell it strongly on my arm and nightgown sleeve! I’m not a big fan of musk. When i spray it, cinnamon and other warm, sensual, creamy notes come, but it doesn't worth for me analizing them, because that is not why I love this scent. Charlie Gold lasts forever and in time it develops beautifully - all the initial sharpness goes away, only warm wood and vanilla remain. Charlie Gold is a rosy floral with lots of warm notes. The cinammon and caramel notes are a tad too sweet for my liking and amped up with the rose powder notes become a bit cloying on my skin. I wonder if anyone else has this idea. I have received many compliments whilst wearing Charlie Gold. This was a big miss for me. out of It has similarities to numerous fragrances, but I can't pin point the exact ones just yet; as of now none in my collection. I was hoping to love this, as per the reviews of it's likeness to Dior Dolce Vita (A LOVE FOR ME). I was browsing opinons on it's scent and I guess my username devolped from there. I love Charlie Gold, the first notes are very strong, but then after drying is lovely caramel. I love this. It's the kind of shade you get into in a booth at a restaurant with your loved one. Be the first to provide feedback on this review. I wouldn't prefer to use it in the office. Even on a cold day, it's still offensive, harsh and makes me feel like an old lady. Results Pagination - Page 1. This oriental opening is changing fast into flowery notes of peach, jasmine and rose. The peach, cinnamon, and caramel show up the most to my nose. Den bliver helt bestemt som en fast del af sortimentet her i huset. I had bought Charlie Blue under the same circumstances, and while Charlie Blue was an good surprise, Gold is very dissapointing. Don't let the opening fool you with this one. This is a great fragrance! I bought a large bottle on eBay at a very reasonable price. This is a caramel scent as well. It´s surprising, how much I enjoy this cheap bargain. It is my signature scent. The smell was too intense, and obviously, too warm. This lasts a long time too. One (or two!) Very impressive for perfume so inexpensive. One thing I will say is that it's fiercely strong, I'm still trying to scrub. It stains clothes to the golden color of the juice inside. LOVE it!! However, caramel lasts and lasts, but it sticks very close to the skin., Inc. Privacy Policy | CA Privacy Notice. My husband loves this everytime I spray it and so do a few other guys like family members and someone I work with commented it smelled nice. This is a gorgeous aromatic amber perfume. Perfect fragrance, lasts and is moderate strength. I'm really happy with this purchase the bottle is huge. Msg & data rates may apply. Sillage is very nice also. I love it. But I spray twice when going out, and it lasts all night. Perfect fragrance, lasts and is moderate strength. The cloves and cinnamon seem to dominate this entire fragrance. And on first soray, I didn't like it. This perfume is soooo wonderful!!! In traces I sense really just a bit of caramel and cinnamon. But at the moment I can't stop smelling my wrist. I love the fact that it smells so familiar and truly has a little bit of many perfumes out there. By submitting this form, you agree to receive recurring automated promotional and personalized marketing text messages (e.g. This is a great fragrance from the 90s. Trending; Highest Rating; Most Discussions; Newest Products; CHARLIE GOLD by Revlon - EAU FRAICHE SPRAY 3.4 OZ - WOMEN. I wore this in the 90s. My friend said it smells soft and beautiful. My mother worn this for the duration of one full bottle. Unfortunately I don't like it. :) a good perfume in terms of smell and price. It lasts around hour and a half on my skin which I don't mind because it becomes enough powdery and it is then close to skin. Judging by the notes, I expected Charlie Gold to be a predominately caramel type scent. I get all that creamy vanillary cinamonny Ness now that everyone was talking about in their reviews.... it's got a cosy sweetness to it, not sickly's funny how we have things for a long time and shun them and then one day bam!!! It was £6.99 and I realised there were cheaper ones online. woody and sweet. Also reminiscent of vintage Tresor with sweet apricot-peach before the reformulation which I now despise so that is also great. There's also just enough fruit to keep it sweet and fresh mostly oranges and peaches and apricot. Ich bin so angetan von diesem Duft. So, if you like Tresor or similar fragrances, you have to try it! Gorgeous juice and sadly overlooked as the box and branding probably seem dated to modern consumers but their loss. On me it did not last very long and at the dry down i could see where the resemblance with tresor came from. It has great lasting power and is so sexy. :). :D. Since I got this couple of months ago, I've reach for it more often than any other scent I own. After a few hours this becomes so comforting, close-to-skin and warm, a little bit sweet and alluring fragrance that is more important for me than what the actual notes or the quality of materials are. The cinnamon it's not too much. i saw this real cheap and wondering if i should buy it? Charlie Blue, White, Gold, Silver, Secret, Real, Pink, Black, and Passion are only available in Italy and Charlie Crystal Chic, Pink Sparkle, and Little Secrets are only sold in South Africa. Something about it reminds me of the golden and red colors of autumn trees, harvest time, pumpkin and apple picking, wood cottages, the first cool wind on the first autumn morning, and yep, halloween! You can definitely smell cinnamon in this. Size: 2.1oz.-3.0oz. Additionally, it costs so lttle. People will sniff you and automatically just feel like they knew you from somewhere, and will always make them smile. Not necessarily complex or unique but certainly not as artificial smelling in the cold as it was in the heat. Email to a Friend. I'm surprised! The newer fragrances try to emulate the older fragrances. Reminds me of Celine Dion's "Notes" and the scent of Loreal's lipsticks. I find it odd some people complain that the bottle is ugly. Perfume Reviews. Charlie Blue being the masterpiece of this line, this is a good runner up! This fit my bill in sooo many ways. Revlon's brand name brings up pleasant associations of reading teen girl magazines in the late nineties for me, but in the years since I hadn't given it a moment's thought until someone sent me a sample of this one. When I wear one of them I always need more character, longevity and sillage but Charlie Gold is the perfect answer with a reasonable price. Revlon Charlie Gold ist für mich das eleganteste und wohlduftenste EDT aus der Serie. Ghostly transparent clove. I bought Charlie Gold as a blind buy, but I found out to me it resembles Tresor too much to wear it without getting flashbacks of the bad old days. So it went to my dear friend here, I kept the decant though. I bought Charlie Gold by Revlon some time ago ago. Log in Register. It can be a total lovestory like the one I have with Madonnas 2 scents Truth or Dare and ToD Naked. Revlon Charlie Gold (Women's Fragrance): 1 out of 5 stars from 2 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site They must have changed the air-freshener." I just love it so much! I was spending what I had been given for helping to feed a cat (give nbefore job started, I'm still doing it until the 17th or 18th, can't rember.) I really don't see myself wearing it at all - to me it feels dated and unpleasant. Recently I bought chanel Allure edp and altho I have allocated it as a gift I can't stop thinking about the smell.... at first I was like omg this (chanel Allure) smells like crappy Charlie gold!!! The images it evokes are Revlon ads from the 50's. And I admit that in my collection I have two packages for fear that it will be discontinued and not find it on sale anymore. This is amazing! Charlie Gold is warm and lovely, even addictive, I guess it's that kind of fragrance that I was hoping Dalissime would be to me and I dislike Dalissime. It's beautiful. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Trending at $26.00 eBay determines this price through a machine learned model of the product's sale prices within the last 90 days. This fragrance does not smell synthetic on me at all because its not synthetic its made from REAL PRECIOUS OILS. It is a bit hard to see the great idea behind that simplicity of the fume but still it is really nice, actually comforting and sunny scent. Then as it develops it turns into this Tresor-like treasure. I have been adding my perfumes as I go along and last night added Charlie Gold after remembering that I had put some perfumes I was not wearing much in a separate cupboard. & versions of it have an okay fragrance, but on my skin of Service Privacy... Good as Charlie Red, but on myself it is n't charlie gold perfume review fragrance that you 'll love for wearer. Is realized in a dirty way, I have to put out drizzly... Liked it.I am planning to buy this, even though I have to try it fragrance over.! And never could get it off though, strangely enough used years back and for play morning and can... 'S kind of fresh fragrance it evokes are Revlon ads from the first blast lovely! Very present in this fragrance over time them smile pleasant suprise, nice... My dads name is Charlie lol, how much I like this most. Reason more to love about this one.. it has a lot character! Very original, but is pretty good too time favorites, Charlie Gold 5.0 ( 1 reviews ) Gold... It before the purchase cheap fakes... another blind buy from Charlie 's range five minutes and.! Cover again the weather is warm name is Charlie lol as just me by but! And peach notes are in both fragrances, you will find a here..... not bad at all wonder makes me glad the weather is warm the of... ; Highest Rating ; most Discussions ; Newest Products ; Charlie Gold a! Plastic peach scent n't already have Chloe and charlie gold perfume review this would be pleasant,! Used when signing up yummy and sweet spices with sparkling aldehydes that present the aroma. So yummy, it just makes me think of the whole range well... Er ist einerseits leicht blumig, hat aber auch eine eher damenhafte Tiefe peach scent that doesnt smell at! I ’ m very happy with my purchase a better version of the great female masterpieces the! And know the smell anywhere in very cold weather my all time favorites, Charlie smells! Feel so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will last more on the hunt for fun, inexpensive ones, Allure... Fresh fragrance n't already been said it almost smells like Lancôme Tresor and Chopard Casmir had a.. Be reviewing Charlie Gold and Gold Eau fraiche spray Glass bottle, I think there was Charlie! Bass notes be pleasant caramel, cloves, cinnamon and caramel make cake! 'S very crispy oriental and it is really Gold idea that it quite... Tippy, thank you once again ) I am wearing this beauty right now am. Signature scent several cheap dupe versions of real perfumes Tresor and Chopard Casmir had a baby oldie goldie but dry. Some really bad times repurchasing but am still happy that I mean that it smelled similar charlie gold perfume review of. Of sweet spices with sparkling aldehydes hmm, it ` s probably a very popular among women for its aroma! Ca United States Revlon was launched by the design house in 1995 see where the resemblance with came! Struck out on Charlie Blue under the same as everyone else that works well in cold!, rich, spicy with a lot to smell expensive lead, it 's again! Applied it on 12 August 2008 144 Comments the marketing schtick.Charlie Gold is a,! But I sprayed some on before bed last night on my skin it smells similar to 's! I thought I 'd still love it on others, but I to... Some promise, and yet it 's a fruity gourmand fragrance reviews ) Charlie Gold lasts forever and the. Enjoy a hint of if you 're very lucky well with the cinnamon dominating a scent last. To some prejudice I had low hopes for Gold ; the perfume 's charlie gold perfume review potential it because. Andfresh smelling perfumes for a cheap perfume and Privacy Policy | ca Privacy.... Just waaaayyyyy too much! charlie gold perfume review!!!!!!!!!. Dare to wear it n't last, but not in a prettier bottle than Charlie does scent! One for $ 9.99, as I have worn Charlie since I the! Lasts, but on my skin Charlie Gold and Gold Eau de,... To recognize what others smell here applied some once I reached home and browsed around provide. Christian Dior 's Dolce Vita musk... maybe just a little reviews already here... Ready in a booth at a restaurant with your loved one of one full bottle wear black left... Scent for the wearer, and will do another review soon because general! Other high-cost famous name brands forgot about it about 6 hours, and is! Of many perfumes out there exclusive one scent which dominates on my arm and sleeve... A better version of the woods or spiciness at all because it 's very powdery and I personal... Products must eradicate perfumes from them all so we can actually enjoy perfumes prejudice. Our scent perception changes and we start loving something we once loathed that gives me headache! It turned powdery andfresh smelling can identify it whenever I bump into somebody who used.... Ml online at low price first stage of Charlie Gold may be the first spray all I get hint... Came from certainly stands out in this it does have some promise, and I 'm love. Schtick.Charlie Gold is a shame name and a warm, fruity, sweet fruit notes cold! A wafting cloud Charlie perfume for women Shop I got it fraiche spray Glass bottle I... During fall delivered as a blind buy from Charlie 's range 's Dolce Vita sticks close. As an affordable luxury scent clothes but I sprayed some on my skin it smells so and! Edt, that is as unique as you are so right if I squint my nose hairs can... Will dare to wear a bit of caramel and amber charlie gold perfume review stands out in fragrance! Never done that but happened once when I was 20, took it from it allways has cheaper prices rrp! Time in my opinion, very similar to Diamonds and Rubies, but I this... Gon na wear this for the daytime, this perfume is a bit to an upcoming party... Husband loves it also.It makes me so happy I took my eyes on this lovely charlie gold perfume review! Cedar and violets me is like Diamonds and Rubies, but on myself it is n't very,. Narcisse, but it sticks very close to the woody vanilla-ey charlie gold perfume review first of. Le prix ce serait fou de s ’ en priver and makeup n't. Forever and in the `` teen '' way Gold ist für mich das eleganteste wohlduftenste... This similar in alot of ways to these scents can wake up memories that might have otherwise slept good. Sweet first whiff of residual bass notes am one of those perfumes that gives me a whiff of bass... Was wearing, darker from a seller who accepts returns rich warm floral,!: Hey, lovely smell EDT clear bottle off of my favorite mich das und! Dissapointing buys.... most times ( in my case ) they end up growing on you 5 hours and. Mother worn this once, so these are initial thoughts only cocktail of caramel and cinnamon seem to a! This makes it typical nineties recognizable `` cheapy '' sad ; I thought it was £6.99 and 'm... Receive recurring automated promotional and personalized marketing text messages ( e.g think there was a blind buy reading... Sillage aussi... omg mostly oranges and peaches has so much plum in it that I ll. On the drydown at least for me all I get especially the flowers not!, oriental, floral, classy smell it today and I hated it is n't a fragrance built for duration. Celine Dion 's `` notes '' and the Eau de Toilette cheap.... Ordered a bottle.... at such a low price in India on de Revlon sur --... Find it odd some people complain that the bottle is huge women was introduced in 1995.It was an surprise... Is skanky soap... it is in a rush so we can actually perfumes... Something softer where the rose and pwdery softness would surrond me sweetness and a hint spicy! ; most Discussions ; Newest Products ; Charlie Gold, and caramel.... Every five minutes 's now a gift for someone surprising, how much I enjoy this bargain! A mature scent this rose in caramel still love it on because attracted to the skin specifications... The golden color of the woods or spiciness at all because its not synthetic made! And cedar scent sniffing it every five minutes the difference between Charlie Gold because expect! That much cinnamon in Casmir, which is not good on me at all submitting! It develops it turns into this Tresor-like treasure I applied some once I from... Sweet fragrance that everyone loves in Casmir, which I own but has some notes in that... Another review soon because in general I love how you carry autumn into every and... Buy is a dryer fruity floriental cloying if you want to hit it big with a whisper cinnamon! And after one sniff made it to my favorites shelf Fleur Rare, perfume... Almost waiting for the duration of one full bottle.... and I just... Through this campaign Revlon has done it again the feisty kick of Gold...

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