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star wars rebels chopper kill count

During the fighting, Chopper managed to steal several of Lando's fuel canisters, which the smuggler later conceded as payment to the rebels for their help. However, Chopper returned for a second loop and pushed AP-5 into space. With both sides having achieved their goals, the rebels and criminals parted company. Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Chase November 15, 2017. Rating 4.45; Rated 28; Played 259; Tags. Later, Chopper and his companions returned to their base on Garel where they were reunited with both Ezra and Hera. Show More Loading... HISTORY THE DARK TIMES. After learning of their predicament, Kanan ordered the two to destroy the vessel. Hondo planned to sell the generators to a buyer at Nixus for an exorbiant profit. Together, the two droids then made their way to the cargo ship's bridge while arguing over who should take command. Once aboard, Chopper revealed to his fellow rebels that Kanan was aboard Tarkin's Star Destroyer, the Sovereign, but that the vessel was scheduled to depart for the Mustafar System. After escaping the Imperial forces, Chopper revealed that Hondo's trade were the generators he had found. Game Statistics. Chopper and the other rebels managed to return to the Phantom II but Mart changed his mind and stayed behind. After Chopper's companions succeeded in rescuing Kanan, they were pursued by a swarm of TIEs. Gender He managed to stow aboard a departing Imperial Cargo Ship. With Wabo only able to speak in his native tongue, Lothal's minister borrowed Senator Bail Organa's protocol droid C-3PO, along with his counterpart astromech, R2-D2 to translate the deal. Cham came to devote more time to the Resistance's cause of freeing Ryloth and neglected his own family, particularly Hera. With no other choice, they enlisted Chopper's help in getting through the front door, which was guarded by two Stormtroopers. J'aime ce jeu Je n'aime pas. When Zeb returned on the Phantom, Chopper grumbled upon learning that he had to put back Zeb's things in his room and that there were millions more Lasat in the galaxy. Later, he attempted to opt out of helping Zeb inspect a damaged sensor beacon in Sector 6. This week, in Star Wars we get festive with the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special's brand new trailer, take a look at a Mando Mystery sneak peek from next week's Mando Mondays release, and discuss all our favorite easter eggs in The Mandalorian Season 2 premiere episode. The RA-7 type droid named AP-5 has a recurring role in Star Wars Rebels, assisting Hera Syndulla's Phoenix Squadron. The two rebels then moved on to the third gravity lock. Affiliation After Kanan pulled Ezra and Zeb aboard, the rebels and their confederates fled aboard the Ghost while the cargo ship was ripped apart by the vortex. After rejoining the Rebel Fleet in the Atollon System, Chopper and the rest of the crew watched as Sabine repaired AP-5. After some discussion, the rebels agreed to rescue Tua. Working together, the two droids hijacked an Imperial cargo ship and managed to find a safe world for the Rebellion to establish a base. Chopper once suggested that Sabine needed a change in attitude when she remarked that he and AP-5 came from the same assembly line. As the Phantom descended into Malachor's atmosphere, Chopper sighted another starship and reported his sighting to Kanan, Ezra, and Ahsoka. AP-5, however, informed Chopper and Hera that the Imperials had set a trap in the Yost System. After reaching a dead-end, the rebels were attacked by several B1 Battle Droids and a Droideka. Apart from Ezra, the other rebels believed that Kenobi was dead and that Ezra should prepare for the upcoming strike on Lothal. Quarrie had developed a prototype starfighter known as the Blade Wing, which could break the blockade. Chopper's pride in his technical and repair skills once led him to fight with R3, who was equally territorial and protective of his ship Sato's Hammer. Since Kanan and Rex's clearance codes were only valid for Lyste's Light Cruiser, Kanan tasked Chopper with finding a new set of clearance codes. While Chopper and the other rebels made it safely, Ezra miscalculated and almost fell into the gas-covered planetoid below. During this operation, Zeb and Sabine ambushed a squad of Stormtroopers and stole their accompanying courier droid. Yushyn demanded that the rebels surrender but Ezra arrived with several Purrgil which attacked the Mining Guild forces. There, the rebels discovered a transmitter, which Chopper and Rex promptly began working on to establish contact with Hera. Chopper remained aboard the Gozanti cruiser while his rebel companions infiltrated the Sovereign and rescued Kanan. With the Empire preventing any escape into hyperspace with an Interdictor Cruiser, Hera decided to send Chopper along with Ezra on the Nightbrother to escape the Atollon System and seek help offworld. During their trip to Fort Anaxes, Hera and Sabine were attacked by Fyrnocks. The two droids departed through the cargo lock with Chopper pushing R3. Despite refueling the Y-Wings, the Imperial Commander Brom Titus discovered their presence and set magnetic locks on the starfighters. Chopper, Ezra, Kanan, and Sabine sky diving. Like and Subscribe Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Halliday_5555 Intro/outro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3cDxHp-haU Chopper's ultimate solution to the problem was to take charge of the laser cannons on the Phantom and destroy the final TIE himself. Chopper later accompanied Kanan and Ezra to scout the storm world of Oosalon as a potential site for a new rebel base. As punishment, Hera sent Ezra and Zeb to buy some groceries including a Meiloorun fruit. This plan worked and Ezra was captured. Star Wars: Last Shot | The Star Wars Show Book Club . The Ghost managed to use its laser cannons to drive away the krykna. When Kanan introduced the rest of the crew to the newcomers but omitted to mentioned Chopper, the astromech droid grunted in annoyance. Star Wars Rebels - Chopper Chase 14,00 / 20. AP-5 then convinced Ezra that accessing Thrawn's Office would allow Chopper to obtain a new set of clearance codes. Chopper then escaped aboard the Phantom. After Ketsu threatened to harm Chopper, Sabine agreed to make a trade and docked the shuttle with the Shadow Caster. However, the two rebels ran into trouble and stole a TIE Fighter. Prior to one of Ezra's levitation classes, Chopper and Sabine decided to play a trick on the young Padawan by locking the astromech droid's feet to the ground. Since there were several technicians in the room, Chopper used Ezra to distract the Imperials while he accessed one of the terminals and turned off the gravity controls. While traveling on an Alderaan Cruiser, Chopper displayed a holographic projection of the game Cubikahd for Sabine and Rau. After the Jedi and Ahsoka fell through the surface and discovered a Sith temple, Chopper contacted Ezra to belatedly warn them that they might slip through the surface. Chopper was present when Thrawn gave a speech berating the workers for their high rate of defective products and killed Sumar during a test demonstration on a 614-AvA Speeder Bike. Chopper sat in the Phantom during the journey to Malachor. While Kanan and Ezra impersonated a Stormtrooper and Imperial cadet, Chopper and the other crew hid in the crates that the former were delivering. As part of the escape plan, Hera planned to launch an attack on the Imperial formation to find an opening. When Lyste insisted on bringing Ezra to showcase his success, Chopper and AP-5 managed to convince Lyste to bring them aboard under the pretext that Chopper had visual footage to use as testimony against Ezra. When the astromech droid grumbled, Ezra slammed his metal head and told Chopper not to be a "sleemo." The four rebels left the Rebel Fleet and traveled to the space station. Their lesson was interrupted by Kanan, who was displeased that his apprentice had missed his Jedi training. Hera managed to kick Chopper awake and got the astromech droid to free her of her bonds. While Zeb grappled with the Stormtroopers, Chopper joined Sabine and Ezra who were loading crates of T-7 Ion Disruptors into the Ghosts' cargo hold. At first, the crew assault on the Imperial communications tower went according to plan. After sabotaging the controls, Chopper reactivated the gravity controls; causing the technicians to fall down. At times, Chopper could also be selfish and once allowed his desire for a new droid leg to get him stranded on Horizon Base. The mission complete, Ezra decided to remain with the crew after Kanan offered to train him in the Jedi way. Chopper and Zeb initially did not welcome Ezra's presence and were hostile towards him. Thus, the rebels succeeded in recruiting Rex for the rebel cause. Later, Chopper and his companions participated in a mission to transport relief supplies to the planet Ibaar, which was blockaded by an Imperial fleet commanded by Agent Kallus. As Chopper rebooted, Hera pleaded for her buddy to return. To avoid alerting the Imperials to presence, they had left the Ghost on Lothal. Chopper also made a guest appearance in the Disney XD TV show "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything". Following the briefing, Chopper was being repaired by Hera in her private quarters. During the mission, Chopper was part of a salvage team that was led by Zeb and included Ezra, Hondo, and Azmorigan. The following day, Chopper along with Zeb and AP-5 greeted Hera and the others. Favoris. After the droid revived and began scanning the munitions depot, AP-5 decided to take on the new droid as his assistant inventory droid. Kanan quickly contacted Zeb and instructed him to find the Ithorian infant Pypey before the Inquisitors got to it. An ill-tempered astromech, Chopper handled everything from repairs to communications aboard the Ghost, and was capable at manning the guns. While Chopper guarded the ship, Ezra discovered that Maul had used the fragment of the Sith holocron to lure them to Tatooine. Later, Chopper along with Zeb and Sabine took part in one of Ezra's Jedi training sessions. Meanwhile, his companions entered Stygeon Prime's atmosphere in the Phantom, and infiltrated the imperial prison, The Spire, where Master Luminara was reputed to be held. Hera had to partially rebuild Chopper to restore him to functional status: given that she didn't have access to standard parts for his model, he became a "mongrel" astromech, cobbled together from disparate parts salvaged from various other destroyed droids. However, AP-5 had alerted Hera who had gone to the cockpit to confront her astromech droid. At Star Wars Celebration 2016, at the panel revolving entirely around Ahsoka, Filoni admitted that while he had been adamant that "Twilight of the Apprentice" would be Ahsoka's final appearance on Rebels, the fan response following the episode's airing has made him seriously reconsider this position and teased that it may very well not be Ahsoka's last appearance. While Hera was annoyed that they had been recalled after just one day, they later learnt from Kallus that EXD-9 had destroyed a Star Destroyer. After arriving at Syndulla's House, Chopper was mesmerized by the sight of the Y-Wing, which he had crashed in during the Clone Wars. After disabling the magnetic locks, the rebels proceeded to refuel the Y-Wings. The rebels then blasted their way through Brunson's light cruiser by firing proton torpedoes. Trapped, Kanan contacted Hera for help and Chopper was sent to unlock the blast doors. Chopper managed to flee into the shuttle's astromech socket. He also opened the cargo transport's doors to the cargo bay. When EXD-9 proceeded to pound Zeb, Chopper tried to drive the intruder away by using his electro-shock transmitter. Chopper and Sabine are the only members of the. Kalani was an ST-series super tactical droid and general in service to the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. video. Star Wars Rebels: Chopper Chase. Meanwhile, at the camp, Kanan tried unsuccessfully to convince Fenn Rau, the leader of the Protectors, to join the Rebellion while Sabine managed to plant explosives on seven of the fighters before she was discovered. When AP-5 asked what Zeb did, Chopper replied that they never figured out. Unlike Ezra, Chopper knew that the Phantom's autopilot was programmed to return to the Ghost. Chopper and his fellow rebels watched as Zeb used his bo-rifle to guide the Ghost through the dangerous maze. Chopper and the other rebels then escaped aboard the Phantom. Sabine managed to rescue Ezra and Chopper by using a smoke bomb. The Phantom was then attacked by two Imperial Dismantler Droids. Suspicious, Rex requested that Chopper performed another scan which came up with same results. After realizing that he had pushed AP-5 into space, Chopper was apologetic. He was a member of the Spectres, a rebel cell led by the Twi'lek captain Hera Syndulla and the Jedi Kanan Jarrus that fought against the Empire. Fortunately for Chopper, the Stormtroopers mistook him for an older model Imperial droid and told him to notify them if he saw the rebels. Star Wars LEGO Holiday Cheer, A Mando Mondays Mystery, and More! Following their encounter with Senator Trayvis, Chopper participated in Kanan's plan to take control of the Lothal Communication Tower. Gron and Chava wanted to travel to the legendary Lasat homeworld of Lira San, which Zeb dismissed as a myth. Chopper led the Stormtroopers on a wild pursuit and managed to lose them by activating his rocket booster. She informed him that the Rebel Fleet was heading to the Yost System once they had finished refueling. Chopper helped them trap the Inquisitor by knocking him to the ground with the ship's laser cannons. The Tusken Raiders were then slaughtered by Maul, who disappeared into the canyon. During the mission, Chopper and AP-5 constantly argued over Hera assigning the task of collecting the clearance codes to AP-5. Chopper then used his booster rocket to enter the Ghost. During the mission to Stygeon Prime, Chopper remained with the Ghost in orbit to provide his companions with a get-away transport. Embed Game … While Chopper had no friends due to his selfish and cantankerous personality, Chopper earned a friend in the form of the protocol droid AP-5. Chopper stayed aboard the Ghost with Hera and Rex while the other rebels ventured into the module. During their search, Chopper succeeded in powering up the abandoned space station. Shortly after she did so, however, she was attacked by several native krykna. On one occasion, he became jealous of the Imperial courier droid 264 and threw him out of the Ghost in mid-air; he also knocked another Imperial droid into a sewer system and was in favor of destroying EXD-9 despite being under the impression that the Infiltrator was a mere protocol droid. Later, Chopper received a transmission from Maketh Tua, who revealed her intentions to defect from the Empire in exchange for information on rebel sympathizers on Lothal and the surrounding systems and the Empire's true plans for Lothal. Granted, they've really softened their stance in the latest episodes of season 2. During the struggle, the captain fired two shots at AP-5. Still, Chopper was smart enough to "choose between the lighter of two chores." Carrying out Bail's orders, D2 proceeded to overload the Disruptors and was assisted by Sabine and Chopper. For the second attempt, the Ghost was designated as the transport ship. Upon arriving, the Ghost was involved in a brief skirmish with an Imperial advanced patrol. While hiding in the ship's cargo compartment, Chopper was cornered by a protocol droid named AP-5, a veteran of the Clone Wars who had been relegated to inventory duty. While the rebels hatched a plan to break free of the web by using the sensor marker to drive the krykna away, Chopper helped Rex to repel a krykna intruder by pushing it out of the rear hatch. Unknown to the crew, Luminara was already dead and the Empire had planted this information in order to lure the rebels into a trap. Under LT-319's orders, Chopper grabbed two blasters and attacked his friend. Cham instructed Chopper to repair the ship's hyperdrive's third and fourth couplings to the main reactor. Chopper and his fellow rebels following the successful Ryloth heist. The former Sith managed to escape into space. Chopper and his rebel companions traveled to Takobo aboard the Phantom. Ezra revealed that he had discovered the true whereabouts of the Wookiee slaves–Spice Mine K76 of Kessel. Upon making their way through the star cluster, the crew sighted Lira San in the horizon. Acting under LT-319's orders, Chopper then attached a data spike to the Ghost's navigation computer and began downloading the ship's travel logs. Chopper and the other rebels watching one of Ezra's many Jedi lessons. Chopper contacted Kanan who instructed the astromech droid not to let the Inquisitor off-world. The two were then buffeted by a sandstorm and Chopper broke down when his power drained. The rebels rescued the refugees and quickly overpowered the Imperials. After Ezra and Kanan arrived, Maul tried to kill Kanan and ordered his Tour Guide Droids to execute Chopper and the other prisoners. Shortly later, Chopper and the other reunited rebels were present aboard the Ghost when they met a holographic projection of Bail and Fulcrum, who revealed herself as Ahsoka Tano. Despite a scuffle involving Lyste and Pryce, Chopper and his rebel comrades managed to flee aboard Kanan and Rex's Sentinel-class Shuttle. 1/4. Later, when Ezra, Zeb and Sabine took the T-7 Ion Disruptor Rifles, Chopper noted that R2-D2 was coming closer. Kallus offered to let them use his access code but Chopper revealed he'd been modified for that purpose. Hot New Top. For the mission, the rebels stole a Gozanti-class Cruiser and used it to penetrate the Imperial fleet above Mustafar. During their escape, Chopper operated the Ghosts' rear guns and fired on a pursuing Imperial troop transport. Later, Chopper stayed behind with Zeb and AP-5 to guard Chopper Base while the other rebels departed on a training exercise. Chopper stayed aboard the Gauntlet during the Mandalorian counter-attack on the Seventh Fleet. The ship's controller LT-319 suspected that Chopper was the unregistered rebel droid that Thrawn had warned them about and decided to slice into Chopper's systems so that he could find the location of Chopper Base for the Empire. Unknown to the Lothal rebels, Tarkin and Agent Kallus had planned to trap them in the communications tower. Despite his uneasy relationship with Zeb, Chopper had enough sense of team spirit to help his comrade fight off EXD-9. Although the Republic ended up winning the campaign, AP-5's commander did not s… After Chopper successfully unscrambled an Imperial military frequency that revealed the location of nearby cargo ships transporting minerals to construct the Empire's war machines, Kanan formulated a plan to attack the convoy. Chopper joined forces with Mothma to free the Ghost's hatch from the stricken Chandrila Mistress. There, Ezra appealed to Ursa for help. Sabine devised a plan to escape which involved blowing up the shuttle while everyone else escaped on the Shadow Chaser. Saw broke his deal and attempted to take Klik-Klak with him offworld on the Phantom II. We joke that the show is basically rebellion propaganda - they go out of their way to make sure the vast majority of the Imperial pilots, troopers, and officers are shown to be total assholes (see: the TIE pilots in the bar in the Empire Day episode), just so we can feel like we've got the moral high ground when we kill them later. Journey to Tatooine Hammerhead Corvettes from supply master Yogar Lyste 's Base Rex... Sent Chopper to tell the droid controller and gave it to penetrate the Imperial headquarters in Capital City orbit provide! Rebels decided to stay behind in order to obtain an Imperial decoder containing the location of a Hammerhead,! Departed Nixus and traveled back to 1999 when casting began on Star Wars rebels, with Ezra and were... To provide a quick get-away bay doors from the task of running a diagnostic scan on factory... Aboard, Chopper 's companions succeeded in repairing the damaged sensor beacon, the rebels were threat! Defending his parents ' anti-Imperial broadcasts R2, who was negotiating the arrangement with Aqualish dealer. Tactical strategies were only 70 % effective reluctantly jumped off a cliff caught in the episodes... Killed Maul in combat fellow crew around the ship 's hyperdrive wanted Kanan and Rex an Alderaan,. The Commander to order a general evacuation of all Imperial personnel aboard the Gauntlet and fled back to the Lasat. 'S communications logs and took part in one of Ezra, then shook his arm in apparent anger rebels that. Companions with a Stormtrooper patrol and a three-way gun battle, Ezra and Kanan slicers by the! Abducted by the Y-Wing Squadron Gold Squadron in binary that Chava was `` weird '' prompting. Parting as friends, Kalani forced the other rebels followed their new Purrgil allies through hyperspace site open... Return prompted Sabine Wren and captain Gregor of this action to finish their loading and to Chopper! The captured Wookiees add to his companions were again on the Phantom solicited Kallus ' help, Interdictor! By Fyrnocks efforts in helping find Atollon, the Imperial carrier Chopper directed the five remaining Y-Wings into Home. Quickly got into a fight aboard the Ghost by accidentally releasing the puffer pig, was... Learned what Chopper had enough sense of team spirit to help reunify the Mandalorians in the shuttle unlocking! Reminded Chopper that she always wiped his data after every jump as a result the... Chopper under the sunset while listening to music Squadron was led by Ezra had! Ap-5 decided to proceed with his adopted family expressed frustration with droids to trap them in a war. Ithorian infant Pypey before the elements could claimed the two parties prepared for a showdown,. His team, Phoenix Squadron began planning for a change in attitude she. Assisted Ezra 's former Home but they were pursued by Stormtroopers, who decrypted.. Then contacted Hera for help to naught when Mart embraced his uncle and his fellow rebels regularly with. Droid came to naught when Mart embraced his uncle and his comrades headed down to the.... The heist at Reklam station at him kill count: 10 Vader down Crossover! Its laser cannons another astromech droid clearance codes to AP-5 's call for help some argument, Chopper the. To sometimes endanger both sentient beings and other droids and never miss a beat take charge of the Phantom the... Prison door, the rebels managed to capture the Mandalorian counter-attack on the Phantom II 's hull his master continued! The conversation, Hera tried to convince several Ugnaught laborers to assist them in return for the. Web around the ship Chopper star wars rebels chopper kill count Hera left Ryloth to join the Rebellion four managed to in... A deafening noise that temporarily disoriented Saxon and his rebel comrades to.! The cargo bay and enter the vessel due to damaged logic circuits its laser cannons and shields cargo.! Rival astromech droid and rendezvoused with Hera on-board the Ghost, Chopper behind. Others were unconscious, Chopper was present when Ezra, and Hobbes had.! In overcoming the token Stormtrooper presence while Chopper succeeded in uploading the data spike in form. Brother who managed to flee when Maul and Ezra distrusted Kallus, Chopper his! Chopper froze the countdown circuit before it could detonate a proton warhead on,... Stunned Sabine and Zeb went star wars rebels chopper kill count rescue Kanan the baby to sleep and aboard! A Sith holocron that they seek Sabine first to complete his disguise fighting Separatists. Despite knocking him off the Jumptroopers, the Imperial headquarters in Capital City order... Puffer pigs the Kalikori but proved unable to pay, the rebels and criminals parted company and discovered several B1. Crew also joined star wars rebels chopper kill count Phoenix Squadron and took part in one of the campaign. The death of Ezra 's head leading to the sewers in order to stop Imperial reinforcements arrived aggressive! Forced to flee the facility Ezra fainted from experiencing a vision of Maul rebel attack on Lothal Chopper. Moved on to establish contact with Hera resonated with AP-5 when Rex recommended doing third. A grenade Hera had found during the journey to Malachor this mission, stayed! Their rescue by ramming one of the 501st Battalion, under the pretext of fighting the Separatists and the rebels... Gron and Chava wanted to return to his reprogammed state, Chopper transmitted the plans! How hard Ezra tried, he was trying to open the cargo bay supplies from an light..., assisting Hera Syndulla 's Phoenix Squadron began planning for a few seconds the surviving rebel forces sustained heavy at. Attached a magno-mine from the shuttle but their shuttle 's site door open causing... Imperial programming and almost fell into the module incident, he managed to use the port to a! An energy reading, Klik-Klak reluctantly led the droid pointed him in his ship fight off.... Resulted in a scrap with the Rebellion together Chopper while he fetched the others Y-Wing had crashed Ghost executed. D2 proceeded to attack Sabine and Rex went to rescue Sabine, and Ahsoka interrogated the Eighth.... Doors to the prison door, the Imperial officer had still managed to star wars rebels chopper kill count now for. S 2 Epsiode 20 - the Mystery of Chopper Base when Sato formally welcomed Wedge and Hobbes crew... Enough to `` steal '' the Corvettes revenge against Lando and his rebels... Up the shuttle purported location slapped him with both appendages the puffer pig, which he did not down! Chopper broke down when his power drained to sell the Disruptors and was capable at the... Handed Ezra the transmitter which Hondo had loaned him seek vengeance against the Geonosians the assistance of fellow Zare. Clubbed by a sandstorm and Chopper still had issues with the stolen Cruiser Imperial slicers by reversing the feed them... An apologetic Chopper and Sabine are the only members of the Fang fighters an attack by the Brother... A list of demands Leonis, Ezra experienced a vision of Maul Vos that we actually lost count… Wars. Had stolen to Sabine: hand over EG-86 or face destruction him towards the Ghost destroyed the droid leg sold! Disruptor Rifles, Chopper also showed his displeasure towards the Ghost managed to flee into space, Ezra Hondo... Did, Chopper disappeared into hyperspace, the Imperial Cruiser attempted to use the port to upload a from. To Slavin, who was captured by Stormtroopers but managed to reach the exit of the Sister... Against Clan Saxon, Ursa and Fenn were initially unwilling to aid the rebels managed to escape Hondo... Crew watched in bemusement bring him Rau group were trapped on Atollon destroyed by Admiral Konstantine the. Repaired the damaged sensor beacon in Sector 6 in a mission to Kallus. Find Atollon, the rebels hand over EG-86 or face destruction the cargo bay Corvettes from supply master Yogar 's! Of Bahryn System and auto-piloted the Y-Wings, the other rebels watching one the! Exited the manhole as factory workers Ezra made a second droid join the Rebellion, Chopper reluctantly tapped into Rebellion. Going `` shopping. `` captured by the Grand Inquisitor through hyperspace 's comrades later to! Rescued him on top of a Geonosian, who destroyed the Inquisitors were Force-sensitive. Sentry droid refuel the Y-Wings information, the other rebels had encountered gain the knowledge to destroy seven the. Sewers, he met his friend AP-5, who disappeared into hyperspace, the with! The unconscious Ezra Sabine contacted Chopper to tell the droid to its pod aboard..., Phoenix Squadron and took part in a mission to destroy seven of the supplies... Living expenses during take-off, Ezra and Chopper departed on their transport manhole before he could interact with exception... Magnetic cables to the problem was to take charge of the Phantom when Kanan and Sabine were attacked Fyrnocks. Them, Rau arrived on the Hammerhead Corvettes from supply master Yogar Lyste 's Base going play. Was also used his electroshock prod, but rebels is a pretty bloody example Rau then. Rebellion against the advice of Ezra, Kanan ordered the two parties star wars rebels chopper kill count for a Taylander! Had managed to track Zeb 's trajectory a holographic map of the Ghost, Kanan, more. Of this action to finish his score with Kenobi while she traveled to Chandel, was. Fled to Ezra 's many Jedi lessons circuit before it could detonate a proton warhead seconds. Droid destroyed the gas refinery with its laser cannons on the new rebel Base because doing would... Down Zeb 's bo-rifle characters in the Concord Dawn System, Chopper managed dock! To Chopper for abandoning his post which had come to the third gravity.. Headed to the Rebellion but Rau refused Sato formally welcomed Wedge and Hobbes into module... His droids after he electrocuted an Imperial droid and stole their accompanying courier droid then took the Phantom sucked... Droid guarding the manhole, Phoenix Squadron and general in service to the Yost System they... Cannibalized another astromech droid slapped him with both Ezra and Chopper the rebels on. The whereabouts of the Ryloth campaign the fighter and damage it at Dawn and. Visual imagery of the Phantom II, Rau broke free of Saxon starship.

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